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Promoting Fiscal Fitness in the Parks & Recreation Industry!


Consulting/Cost Recovery Tools:

- Using the Pricing and Service Sustainability (PASS™) online tools, ePRepSolutions will assist your agency in finding the "true" cost of doing business.  Cost Recovery has never been easier...

- "Garbage in - Garbage out".  Have you heard this phrase before?  Does your agency worry as much about what comes out of your parks and recreation software as what goes in?  It should!  ePRepSolutions can assist your agency in ensuring that the data going into your parks and recreation software allows for consistent and reliable reporting - the data coming out.

What We Do For You:

 - Identify the "true" cost of doing business - cost recovery

 - Account for both direct and indirect costs                 

 - Identify subsidies allocated to services                           

 - Justifiably establish fees and charges

 - Lower staff time and effort/increase accountability
 - Assist in recreation software optimization
 - Defend financial management practices and decisions

How We Differ From the Rest:

PASS™ Spectrum Report - just one way we assist your agency in determining outcomes of your services.

PASS™ Matrix - another way we assist your agency in determining inputs into PASS™

PASS™ & PASS™ Lite are intended to provide agencies with cost savings and efficiency through enhanced accountability and more accurate cost accounting by determining the true cost of service delivery. A year one return on investment can be expected via accurate and responsible pricing, with consistent savings over the long term via ongoing analysis of costs.

PASS™ & PASS™ Lite utilize existing data to determine the “true” costs of service provision. Additional outputs such as cost recovery and tax allocation levels, fees and charges, operating hours, and other useful information and data.

PASS™ & PASS™ Lite were developed to provide a solid basis for justifiable financial management decisions grounded in accurate data, not simply arbitrary projections.

PASS™ & PASS™ Lite provide the power to articulate and illustrate the agency’s real-time financial position including cost recovery and subsidy allocation levels by service area, fostering greater support and credibility from decision and policy makers.