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PASS™ Lite App is here! 

Go to www.passliteapp.com

PASS™ Lite App Overview:


  • The PASS Lite™ app is designed by and for parks and recreation and fitness professionals. This is not a “cookie cutter” process. The results are created by and for the professional who wants to know the “true cost” of providing a program to their citizens or customers. Using proven, time-tested formulas, a portion of the end results include knowing existing costs, 100% costs, and the cost recovery % fee, and much more! The PASS Lite™ app will provide you with the reports, charts, and graphs you have wished you had years ago…

  • How many hours do you and staff spend budgeting and projecting? What if you could cut that time by more than 1/2, if not more? The sophistication, but ease of use, of PASS™ Lite will give you and your staff the ability to budget and project for all the programs offered by your organization, in less time. 

  • PASS™ Lite has automated the ability to do  Programming or Course Fees, and much much more... PASS™ Lite is a lighter version of our already proven PASS™ Cost Recovery Tool.

PASS™ Lite App Features:

  • ACCESS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - Use the PASS Lite App anywhere you can connect to the internet. Designed to work on all modern browsers.
  • TRACK & MEASURE - See the results of your program cost recovery in real-time and create custom reports containing any or all of it.
  • IMPORT & EXPORT - Skip manual data entry and import your program data from a CSV file and export when you’re done.
  • SHARE & APPROVE - See the status of all your programs and share your program budgets for simple online approval.
  • LEARN & IMPROVE - Use what you learn through the PASS Lite App to streamline and optimize your programs and offerings.
  • AUTOMATED APPLICATION - The PASS Lite App is a robust automated system, meaning no more spreadsheets or formulas.
  • REPEATABLE & PROVEN - PASS Lite is built using the same technology as our industry standard PASS Cost Recovery software.
  • COST VS FEE - See your total combined costs—both direct and indirect—alongside your cost recovery level fee
5 Other Reasons You Need the PASS™ Lite - 1 - Cost Recovery work is no longer an option in the parks and recreation field 2 - Export data for Board, Council, Public Meetings & Presentations 3 - All your organizations information/cost recovery data in one place 4 - Reliable and consistent outcomes 5 - And... NO MORE SPREADSHEETS!