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Parks & Recreation Cost Recovery Online Tool

ePRepSolutions is proud to present PASS™ & PASS™ Lite , the first and only cost recovery online tools that tracks the real cost of service provision, including all direct and indirect costs for federal, state and local parks and recreation agencies.



ePRepSolutions has worked with more than 50 Parks and Recreation organizations around the country to streamline operations and improve cost recovery using our patent-pending Pricing And Service Sustainability (PASSTM) Cost Recovery software. Using what we learned, we developed the more nimble PASS Lite App to assist the individual to do the same.

The parks and recreation industry is evolving – agencies must now be more accountable in pricing/subsidizing their services (or cost recovery). You can spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a “Master Plan” that will sit on a shelf or you can contact ePRepSolutions today.

Our PASS™ online tools, offer a more cost-effective, automated modeling process that shows you your real cost recovery or the real cost of doing business - in less time, with better results.  On average, our clients have shown a 35% ROI or an average of $2.6 million increase in projected revenue using PASS™.

Explore the PASS™ cost recovery process with a Prezi walk-through.  (click on image)
(Click "Start Prezi", then use the keyboard or screen arrows to advance the presentation.)

This presentation will give the viewer a step-by-step walk-thru of the
PASS™ cost recovery process. Included in the presentation are sample reports from the software as well as explanations of how to use the reports to assist your agency with cost recovery.