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About Us

ePRepSolutions is located in Boulder, Colorado and was founded in 2009. ePrepSolutions was created in response to the financial challenges and difficulties (knowing our true cost recovery) experienced by municipal, state and federal parks and recreation agencies.

ePrepSolutuions has dedicated its efforts and resources to encouraging today’s parks and recreation agencies to focus on identifying the true cost of doing business (finding your true cost recovery) – without this basic knowledge, informed, defensible and justifiable decisions are not possible.

MATTHEW J HICKEY, M.S.M. - the "Data Guy"

Matthew Hickey the "Data Guy" (click on name for full bio)
Founder & Managing Partner

  • Analysis and interpretation of financial, facility and program management data
  • Creation of and application in cost recovery modeling
  • Application of recreation registration, membership and Point-of-Sale software
  • Advanced computer office software systems and applications

Brian Wilkerson (click on name for full bio)

  • Strategic Planning and Long-Range Planning
  • Business Management
  • Change Management
Past and current clients:
 - Town of Brookline Parks and Recreation Department, Brookline, MA      
 - City of Commerce City Parks and Recreation Department, Commerce City, CO
 - City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, Boulder, CO                
 - City of Pearland Parks and Recreation Department, Pearland, TX
- Ocala Recreation and Parks Department, Ocala, FL 
 - Milwaukee Recreation Department, Milwaukee, WI
 - Elmhurst Park District, Elmhurst, IL
 - Town of Erie Parks and Recreation Department, Erie, CO
 - Town of Belmont Recreation, Belmont, MA
 - City of Englewood Parks and Recreation Department, Englewood, CO
 - City of Lynnwood Parks and Recreation Department, Lynnwood, WA
 - City of Waukesha Parks and Recreation Department, Waukesha, WI
 - City of Asheville Parks and Recreation Department, Asheville, NC
 - City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Austin, TX
 - Lake Bluff Park District, Lake Bluff, IL
 - Northbrook Park District, Northbrook, IL (Consulting)
 - Clark County Parks and Recreation (Las Vegas)
 - City of Portland, Portland Parks & Recreation, OR (Consulting)
 - City of Steamboat Springs Parks & Recreation, Steamboat Spring, CO
 - City of Aurora Parks & Recreation, Aurora, CO
 - City of Lawrence Parks & Recreation, Lawrence, KS
 - City of Wheat Ridge Parks & Recreation, Wheat Ridge, CO